DJ Adam

Adam has been dancing for over 20 years. He has had the opportunity to perform for such artists as Christa Golding (USS) and Andrew Quintal, as well as for such professional companies as Time Warner Cable, AOL, Juno awards, Nuit Blanche, MTV Canada and The History Channel.  Adam placed in the top 8 at the 2010 Jump Nationals Dance Competition and 2nd overall at the 2007 Onstage NY Nationals both in New York City. Adam has performed at the prestigious Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival directed by David Earl (Founder of the Toronto Dance Theater). Most recently Adam performed at the 3 year anniversary performance of ”The Bazaar” at the Opera House in Toronto and just finished choreographing for the dance short film “First Dance” directed by Kyle Kofsky and Everyone’s An Artist.  Adam consistently teaches and choreographs throughout Ontario. He is currently MC and DJ as one of the top Interactive DJs at Interactive Entertainment. Enjoy his charismatic personalty as he dances and plays games to entertain all ages at your party.

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Toronto, Ontario

Interactive High Energy Entertainment
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